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This page was created on Dec. 1995 as a Top Ten list, since then it has evolved into the page you see today, enjoy! Please Bookmark and visit often. Pam Middleton-Lee


The BEST, perfect for the beginner. A Must for the Pro. The ultimate page for Genealogy. Help, Guides, Libraries, Software, Maps and Geography, Genealogy Homepages. WHAT'S NEW WITH THE GENEALOGY HOME PAGE Current updated information on the Genealogy Home Page, all the newest links added and when. WHATS "REALLY" NEW WITH THE GENEALOGY HOME PAGE new links waiting for inclusion on the What's New Page, latest entries to date. Stephen A. Wood, Webmaster.


NGS is a national membership organization with more than 14,000 members nationwide. Charts, forms, aids, special reference materials. Webmaster: Mike St. Clair.


Getting Started, Catalog of Products & Services, Archives & Libraries, Resources, Online Publication, Global Research, Software Archives, Online BBS, Genealogy on the Internet & much more. Links to: National Archives, Library of Congress, Personal Pages, Valuable Resources, U.S. Resources, Foreign Resources. WWW ON-LINE SEARCH - access online search & try one of the searches "ROOTS" Cellar and a sample of GEDSRCH (linked Database). Available databases are SS Death Benefits Index, Roots Cellar-Computerized Family File, Pedigree Library, English 1851 partial census, US 1880 partial census, Canadian 1871 Ontario Census. Genealogy magazine on-line. A service provided by "EVERTON'S GENEALOGICAL HELPER".

No. 4 GENSOURCE is the sponsor of the Golden Web Award and the website for various genealogy related entities. Our staff are Professional Genealogists who are authors, columnists, lecturers and researchers. Enjoy our website of services, products, and links to other genealogically related webpages on the Internet. Please take time to fill out our quarterly survey. Professional Research assistance is available from GenSource. The Golden Web Award for the websites that enhance genealogy on the Internet. Take a look at the current recipients and place your nomination for your favorite genealogy sites. More Genealogy Sites. GenMore is our page of links to other genealogy linking pages. These links will lead you to more genealogy webpages that in turn may lead you to even more.... Data Extraction Projects are being developed by GenSource. Visit this page if you wish to know more about our software and extraction/publication projects. Free Webpages for organizations, societies, and associations relating to genealogy and/or historical topics. Check out the requirements!
  • Heritage.Web column from the Heritage Quest magazine is posted here after it has gone to print. Includes access to the Table of Contents for issues beginning with Issue #63 -- May/June 1996 (now includes Issue #64). Daniel J. Hay, Webmaster.
    No. 5 JOURNAL OF ONLINE GENEALOGY (JOG) Here's a site you'll want to "bookmark" or add to your "favorite places" list so you can return regularly. The Journal of Online Genealogy (JOG) had its debut in July 1996, and features nationally known contributors including Brian Mavrogeorge, Mike St. Clair, and John Wylie. JOG's stated mission is "to aid the genealogy community in promoting and developing online projects, technologies, and methods of research." It is anticipated that the Journal will focus ongoing attention on the best of genealogy on the Internet. Each issue will contain regular columns, such as Advanced Projects, Beginner Avenues, GENTECH Column, International Efforts, New Online Sites, Society News, and Software Trends. Publisher, Matthew L. Helm; Editor-in-Chief, April Leigh Helm

    Features: ROOTS SURNAME LIST NAME FINDER/SEARCHRoots Location List-searchable index Roots Surname List-search 50,000 names Soundex Converter-type a surname U.S. Reference Info, Medieval & Royal Genealogy, U.S. Presidents, U.S. Civil War, U.S.& Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Jewish, Latino, Newsgroups & Mailing Lists.

    No. 7 CYNDI'S LIST OF GENEALOGY SITES ON THE INTERNETConstantly updated & the links are categorized & cross-referenced, in over 45 different categories. For the United States there are individual pages for each state which include links to: County Maps, County Courthouse Addresses, Lists of Counties, Lists of LDS Family History Centers, LDS Research Outlines, Other Web Sites with Genealogical Resources, Funeral Homes, Vital Records Information, Societies and Groups, Mailing Lists, GenWeb Project pages and much more! SUPER! Cyndi has put a lot of work into making this site user friendly. Perfect for the beginning Genealogy internet surfer & a must for the pro.
    No. 8 US GENWEB PROJECT A Volunteer effort providing a single entry point for all states & counties in the US, where collected databases would be stored. In addition, the databases would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even if an individual were found in more than one county, they could be located in the index. Volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of county pages for each state page. If the state in which you are interested does not have a page and you wish to be responsible for it, please contact the above listed USA GENWEB PROJECT site. There has been an article written to explain the entire project. To make it easier for everyone there is an automated way to get the information. email to:

    If you would like to contribute your data or create a county page within a given state, please contact the person responsible for maintaining your state page. I am involved with the OHIO GENWEB SITE and I am the County Coordinater for COSHOCTON CO, OHIO Pam Middleton-Lee


    The GENNAM-L Archive Containing 35,448 messages through: 18 Jun 1996 Access to the GENNAM-L Archive and other Family History related materials is provided by the Family History Division of Infobases, Inc. The GENNAM-L Archive is a collection of E-Mail messages that have been sent to the GENNAM-L mailing list or to the SOC.GENEALOGY.SURNAMES newsgroup since late 1994. The GENNAM-L mailing list ( is a place for people to submit queries about certain names in order to locate others doing similar research, etc.

    No. 10 JANYCE'S ROOT DIGGIN' DEPT Hundreds of links within the following sections: Genealogy relating to Janyce's family. Genealogy relating to everyone, help for Newbies & "Old Timers" too. Genealogical Tools, General Reference, Regional Genealogy...USA & non-USA. Specific Heritage sources, Civil War History of USA, Misc. items of interest, PAF & Gedcom Info, Organizations and genealogy Newsgroups...Hot Linked. Free stuff from businesses, People searching & adoption, genealogy Newsletters, Web Census Listings.**3-Star Rating 12/95 "NetGuide Magazine"
    No. 11 GENEALOGY TOOLBOX WWW SITE - NEW VERSION From: Matthew Helm. Version 3.0 of the Genealogy Toolbox WWW site. This version has a new look and some structural changes especially in the surname area. All surname data is now listed alphabetically instead of being divided up into different classifications of resources. The format for the Surname Query list has been changed to make it easier to browse. A new Surname Query Archives has been added. A Genealogy Site Submission page has been added to allow individuals to submit their new site to several major genealogy indexes. A new group of Searchable Index pages have been added to allow users to directly search other genealogy searchable collections without having to go to each individual site. The Genealogy Toolbox local search engine has been more tightly integrated with the pages and there are now separate search indexes for Indexed Surnames and Queries.



    From Matthew Helm: " Over the past few months I have received numerous messages asking about information on particular families or surnames not listed in the Genealogy Toolbox. Since I have not been able to adequately answer these questions I have decided to provide a place where individuals can post queries readable by other Toolbox users. These messages will be incorporated into a searchable index weekly.

    To search the Genealogy Toolbox Surname/Family Query Archive please place your search terms in the space provided and then click on the search button."

    No. 12 NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION (NARA) - ARCHIVAL INFORMATION LOCATOR (NAIL) A New Online Research Resource from the National Archives and Records Administration Washington, D.C. . . .The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) announces a new pilot online service, NAIL, funded through the support of Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, is an ONLINE, INTERACTIVE DATABASE AVAILABLE VIA THE WWW. It provides unprecedented access to NARA's vast holdings; users with access to the Internet can now search many descriptions of NARA's holdings online for key words or topics, and then can retrieve digital copies of textual documents, photographs, maps and sound recordings. Hypertext links connect series descriptions
  • NAIL contains a great deal of information about a wide variety of NARA's holdings. Initially focused on audiovisual material, NAIL contains descriptions of 2,500 still picture series and 20,000 still picture items; 85,000 films and videos; and 8,500 sound recordings. Select sound files and about 1,000 photographs, many of them digitized in a partnership with the University of Nebraska press, are online. Many descriptions and select sample documents relate to the American West:
  • * The House of Representatives territorial papers collection, 1810-1872, documenting America's expansion westward
  • * The Senate Subcommittee on Indian Affairs files, 1928-1953, illustrating the culture, environment and governance of 20th century Native American tribes
  • * More than 300 petitions sent to Congress in the 19th and early 20th century reflecting America's opinions on Native Americans, polygamy, suffrage and other issues of the day
  • * Audio excerpts of an interview with the last surviving Confederate veteran
  • * 100 maps and charts vividly tracing America's expansion westward
  • * Descriptions and photographs of the Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane papers, as well as the Ingalls family homesteading records, showing students and fans alike the real story behind the Little House on the Prairie
  • * Criminal case files for 50,000 individuals tried at Fort Smith in the Western District of Arkansas in the late 1800s revealing America's outlaw past. Some of these cases, including those for the Starr Gang and Wyatt Earp tried by the famous "Hanging" Judge Parker, are reproduced online.
  • * files for the more than 50,000 Americans who enrolled in the Five Civilized Tribes between 1898 and 1914, which help GENEALOGISTS trace their Cherokee, Creek or Seminole roots

    NAIL was developed in response to a customer survey undertaken in Nebraska in 1994. The study concluded that citizens want information about NARA's holdings and services ONLINE, and wish to be able to access digital copies of selected documents online immediately.

    The study also pointed out the need for NARA to present agency-wide information to the public in an integrated manner. The NARA WEB SITE and NAIL are the first steps in developing a nationwide information system for our Federal and Presidential holdings. Such initiatives are an integral part of NARA's newly-developed strategic plan and will revolutionize the way the NARA serves its customers.

    Although NAIL contains more than 200,000 descriptions, it represents only a limited portion of NARA's vast holdings. IN A DEMOCRACY THE RECORDS THAT CONSTITUE OUR ARCHIVES BELONG TO THE CITIZENS. This initiative is an important first step to bringing the National Archives to citizens no matter where they are.


    Information about Roots-L, files, databases, messages, archives. All about the ROOTS-L MAILING LIST.



    NEW SUBJECT CATAGORY: PHONEBOOKS ON THE NET: LINKS BY SUBJECT. People Finder Searches, Other Investigative Databases, Government Investigative Databases, Newsgroup And Mailing List Searches, Search Engines, Investigtive Associations, Other PI Information, Privacy Subjects, Just For Fun, Free Software. WANT BETTER INVESTIGATIVE SOURCES? CHECK OUT THE TOP SOURCES OF INFORMATION MENU. FREE PEOPLE FINDER SEARCHES Searchable databases on the net that locate people's physical address, e-mail address, phone and fax number. THESE PAGES HAVE WON THE BEST OF THE INTERNET AWARD!

  • ABOUT THE NAIS LINK LIST We feel this is the very best link list for private investigators on the NET. Links to things like the FBI home page and that kind of stuff have been left out because, although interesting, they serve no useful purpose to private investigators. Note that we have placed the URL address at the bottom of each link for easy cut and past. If you know of a link that should be on the list, e-mail to:
    No. 15 FAMILY FINDERS The On-line Directory of Professional Genealogists. Are you looking for a genealogist to help you in your research? You've come to the right place! Family Finders is the international directory of professional genealogists who are here to help you. If there are no researchers listed for your area yet, check back in a few days. Family Finders is quickly becoming the place to locate professional researchers!

    Professional researchers are indexed by the geographic area where they specialize.

    England and Wales
    New Zealand
    United States

    Webmaster: John Howell

    No. 16 FAMILY CHRONICLE MAGAZINE Family Chronicle is a new magazine, specially written for family researchers by people who share their interest in GENEALOGY AND FAMILY HISTORY. The premiere issue was Aug 9, 1996

      See cover of first issue 
      View editorial line-up of first issue 
      View the nominees for our Top Ten Genealogy Websites List, and vote! 
      View our Surname Origin list 
      Preview our special Alaska/Yukon Gold Rush Listing 
     Sign our guestbook (and request subscription literature or author notes) 
      Access subscription form 

    Family Chronicle (Genealogy Magazine) - Top Ten Genealogy Websites Nominees VOTE YOUR FAVORITES HERE Family Chronicle is surveying experienced websurfers to determine which of the web's 1,300+ genealogy sites are not to be missed. We're particularly interested in discovering "hidden gems" -- little-known sites with a lot to offer.

    No. 17 COOL SITE OF THE MONTH FOR GENEALOGISTS Sponsored by the Colorado Genealogical Society , a non-profit organization.

    No. 18 THE UK AND IRELAND Information on England, Ireland (i.e. Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland, Wales, & Scotland, together with the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. This constitues the British Isles . The page is divided into links: REGIONS: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Man. There is Information related to ALL the British Isles from Archives/Census to Taxation. Information on Archives & Libraries, Chruch Records, Emigration & Immigration, Gazetteers, Genealogy, History, Land & Property, Maps, Merchant Marines, Military Records, Periodicals, etc.

    No. 19 MILITARY HISTORY The big three: MIL-CAT, Military Sites Catalog, Veterans' Resources. Military Science Resources: DE re militari. Association for the Advancement of Pre-Modern Military Studies: MIL-HIST, Central WWW Site for Scholars of Military History-Announcements, Graphics, On-Line Discussion, Fun Stuff.

    No. 20 GENEALOGIST'S INDEX TO THE WWW The first name appears on each page of the index. Browse down the chart to find the name you want. Then click on the page # to go to the page. The Genealogist's Index to the World Wide Web is maintained by Eastern Digital Resources, Your Genealogy Super Store. They feature "Puzzle Pieces" surname folders on more than 2,000 different Surnames.
    No. 21 GENDEX-WWW GENEALOGICAL INDEX Gene Stark's Index of Names for all Gen Web Sites (GENDEX). This server indexes hundreds of World Wide Web databases containing genealogical data for over one million individuals, and gives you the ability to locate and view data of interest to you on any of these databases, without having to go and visit each of the databases separately. Features: * Access the index. * How to submit your data to this index. * How to contact the contributor of a particular piece of information you find in the index. * What to do if you don't like something you see in the index. Eugene Stark, Webmaster. GED2HTML: A GEDCOM to HTML Translator, Eugene W. Stark
    No. 22 Visit BYU'S GENEALOGY WWW SERVER and Download The many GEDCOM related Programs they have to offer.

    No.23 FAMILY TREE MAKER ONLINE Read interviews with noted genealogists, find out about local and national genealogical organizations and societies. search the incredible FamilyFinder Index online, free! This gigantic directory lists 115 million names from centuries of Census and Marriage indexes, Birth records, actual family trees, and other resources.
    No. 24 LOST AND FOUND INTERNATIONAL Lost Friends Center.

    The new Lost Friends Center database is now up and running. The new database allows the user to view the Lost Contact list in alphabetical order by first and last name, and also features a limited search capacity on first, last or maiden name.

    To submit an entry for the Lost Friends Center, please complete the form. Form responses will be posted in the LFI Lost Friends Center for 100 days.

    Options: View all Lost Friends Center entries or View Lost Friends Center entries by first letter, Search the database of Lost Friends by Name.

    If someone in the Lost Friends Center listing has been located, or if you have information that could lead to their being found, please let them know at

    No.25 SWITCHBOARD find people, friends, colleagues, and old roommates for free. Any time, nationwide. Look up over 90 million names and get fast response to addresses, phone numbers, and personalized updates. Even send email to registered users.

    No.26 GENSERV WORLDWIDE GEDCOM SERVER From Cliff Manis: This Genealogical Server System may be your key to finding important genealogical info & a tremendous aid to your family research. They have over 3.5 MILLION surnames here for the users of this system to use for research.
    No. 27 LINKS TO SITES WITH SEARCHABLE GENEALOGICAL DATABASES From the Brazos Genealogy Society, Brazos Co. Texas.
  • Europe | General | Belgium | France | Germany | Holland | Ireland | Italy | Lithuania | Norway | | The Palatinate | Prussia | Russia | Sweden | United Kingdom | Wales |
  • Canada | General | British Columbia | Manitoba | New Brunswick | | Nova Scotia | Ontario | Prince Edward Island | Yukon Territory |
  • United States | General | Alabama | Arkansas | California | Connecticut | Delaware | Georgia | Hawaii | | Iowa | Illinois | Indiana | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Massachusetts | | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | New York | North Carolina | Ohio | Pennsylvania | | Puerto Rico | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Virginia | | Washington | West Virginia | Wisconsin |
  • Latin America | Mexico |
  • The Pacific Rim | Australia | New Zealand |
    No. 28 THE OLIVE TREE GENEALOGY HOMEPAGE You'll find: Information on Mennonites, Huguenots & Walloons, Palatines, Dutch in New York, Mohawk Nation, Loyalists in Ontario Settlers to Colonial America Ship's Passenger Lists for the 1600s, Palatine Ships' Passenger Lists for the 1700s, Lists of books, resources, addresses and societies for searching Palatines, Mohawk culture, Dutch, Huguenots, Loyalists

    No. 29 AMERICAN CIVIL WAR-RESOURCES ON THE INTERNET The most comprehensive site for Civil War info I have ever seen on the Internet from Dakota State University. Spotlight , Gateways, Archives & Libraries, The Armies, Art , Artillery , Battles, Battlefields, and Historic Sites, Bibliographies, Bugle Calls, Cities and Regions, College Courses, Colored Troops, Commercial Resources, The Confederacy, Diaries, Letters, and Memoirs- Fiction, GENEALOGY, Generals, Gettysburg, History, Lincoln, Magazines, Maps, Medicine, Money and Stamps, Museums, Music, The Navies, Organizations, People, Photographs and Images, Poetry, Re-enactors, Regimental Histories, Small Arms, States in the Civil War, Sutler's Store, Uniforms, Women in the Civil War, Miscellaneous.
    No. 30 ROOTSWEB
  • A search engine for the Roots Location List.
  • The SmartList mailing list server, which allows us to provide mailing lists for genealogical societies, family associations, and such.

    In the near future, RootsWeb will be adding:

  • RSL searches by soundex and by location.
  • RSL submissions over the Web.
  • Other databases, of course! 8-)
  • "Registries" that anyone can add data to: - Family and surname associations - Family reunions - Genealogical societies - Genealogical conferences and meetings - Professional genealogists - Web pages - and more. Dr. Brian Leverich, Co-moderator, soc.genealogy.methods/GENMTD-L RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
    No. 31 SEARCHABLE GENEALOGY LINKS On-line Information (all searchable or semi-searchable). General, Canada, Europe & Asia, Hispanic, Jewish, USA, Other people searching resources. From Lauren Knoblauch.

    Genealogy Listservers, Newsgroups & Special Homepages. All you need to know about what's available, right here at Vicki's.

    No. 33 SURNAME SPRINGBOARD This page is dedicated to those researchers on the net who have placed their GEDCOM data on the web to be viewed by other genealogists. Most have used GED2HTML to create HTML pages they have added to their web site. The purpose of this page is to compile in one area all known Gedcom "Indexed" links on the web. If you know of someone who has such a site, please contact them and tell them to come on over and add their links! If you have not yet added your Home Page and you have your Gedcom data Indexed on your site, please send email or sign the guestbook while visiting here.
    No. 34 HERALDIC ARTS HERALDRY PAGE Follow the links to order a computer print, file, or hand painted version of any coat of arms you would like!! *Free* advice and coat of arms information including verification of other arms. View theproducts and prices. View the samples or order online!!! Why not submit your name and e-mail address for a FREE description of an arms granted to any surname of your choice!! Do I have a coat of arms? Your rights to own a coat of arms. A medieval knight and his costume. A picture and some information on a typical knight. The Wallace Collection. Visit the site of the magnificent Wallace Collection Museum, including London's largest arms and armour display
    No. 35 RESEARCH-IT! iTools! brings together all the best the internet has to offer. Find-It! lets you find *ANYTHING* on the internet, let Research-It! be your own reference desk and promote your web site and increase traffic with Promote-It!

    NOTE* Not to be missed at this site is the Language translator, a must see.

    CONTENT="Research-It!: research tools, find, searches, search engines, research, locate, lookup, search Web pages, finding, searching, look up, web, www, world wide web, Usenet newsgroups, articles, FTP sites, telephone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, people, software, shareware, freeware, news, files, programs, Gopher sites, maps, encyclopedia, meta, metasearchers, index, robot, World Wide Web search service, online, FindIt, internet tools, Paul Sarena, cool, awards, fast, best, fastest, biggest, largest, reference desk, language, dictionary, thesaurus, stock quotes, package tracking, packages, library, translate, translators, English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, promote, advertising, advertise, publicity, traffic, promotion, find information, locate information, get information, find Web pages, navigate Internet, browse subjects, query, search-engines, keywords indexing robots databases, HTML CGI HTTP VRML URL browsers servers Netscape Microsoft Internet Expolorer Mosaic Java JavaScript Shockwave webmaster graphics icons images imagemaps FAQ programming jobs editors tutorials free.

    No. 36 MY VIRTUAL REFERENCE DESK-VIRTUAL FACTS ON FILE-GENEALOGY RESOURCES This site has Text & Graphical Page options. Virtual Facts on File: ENCYCLOPEDIAS/ DICTIONARIES / LANGUAGES: THESAURI AND QUOTATIONS/ LIBRARIES ON THE NET/ INTERNET RESOURCES/ ELECTRONIC TEXTS / GENEALOGY RESOURCES/ GOVERNMENT/ RESOURCES: LAW - LEGAL RESOURCES ATLAS - GEOGRAPHY SCIENCE RESOURCES/ HISTORY RESOURCES/ PHONE BOOK / AREA CODES/ POSTAL RESOURCES/ TIME / DATE POPULATION / DEMOGRAPHICS: WORLD RELIGIONS- WORLD WIDE WEB- VIRTUAL LIBRARY: MISCELLANEOUS MY VIRTUAL REFERENCE DESK- MVRD is designed to be a one-stop reference guide to all things Internet. A project of this scope and magnitude requires continuous updating and refinement. Your feedback is essential. Please be sure to explore Virtual Facts on File and the Virtual Encyclopedia. For late breaking world wide news, read My Virtual Newspaper. New features, upgrades and links: What's New and New Sites Added during the week. Find anything on the Net with My Search Engines. Total MVRD Links =7131 as of 9/96. Webmaster Bob Drudge. NOTE* The reviews on this page are "not to be missed" ....Pam
    No. 37 THE ADOPTIONETWORK A volunteer-operated information resource for the adoption community. Introduction, FAQs, Publications, Agencies, Exchanges and Photo Listings, Birthparents, Adoptees, Parents International , Legal Resources , Quick Stats, Organizations, Additional Sources, Events , Social Sciences, Other Sites

    Contains links to all known genealogical databases available on the Web. Sorted by the name of the database. Tim Doyle, Webmaster

    No. 39 PHOTO and DOCUMENT RESTORATION We handle restoration of images from tin-types to color snapshots and birth certificates to wills. What we can do to a photo is only limited by your imagination. This service is mainly for restoration of old photos or documents for genealogist and historians. See the examples below on the site to get an idea of what is possible.
    Great Example of Removing Cracks
    Restore Old Baptismals to their Original Beauty.
    Make Dime Sized Locket Pictures Beautiful Again.
    Faded Families Brought Back to Life.
    Remove Unwanted Individuals.

    No. 40 THE GENEALOGY HELPLIST consists of volunteers who are willing to help others with specific items at institutions near them, or help with other information easily accessible to them.
    No. 41 INFOSPACE-SWITCHBOARD SEARCH Find people, white pages, fax, email, yellow pages, directory, directories, yellow page, business, reference, telephone, telephone numbers, phone numbers, phone, telephone company, companies names, addresses, street, zip code, techno, rave, information, retail, shopping, manufacturers. MapQuest! Interactive Atlas - Brings you right to the Street Address! The phone dialer will let you dial phone numbers by simply putting your touch-tone telephone handset in front of your computer's multimedia speakers when the number is being played. Find People - using all the telephone directories in the United States and Canada. Toll Free numbers can be found by name & geographic location. Find Business or Government in the United States and Canada. Blue Pages is a category-based directory of city, state, and federal government listings. Yellow Pages allow you to search by category and topic in the United States and Canada. Fax Directory is the largest single source of fax numbers available. United States and Canada.
    No. 42 THE SEEKER (ONLINE) MAGAZINE An up-to-the-minute Web Site for PEOPLE SEEKING PEOPLE.

    Link To Your Topic Of Interest: Generally Seeking - Relatively Seeking - Militarily Seeking - Seeking Beneficiaries - Seeking Answers - Place your own add.

    The Solution at Last! Finally, ONE place to find your missing relatives and friends, instead of surfing all over the Internet! Get reunited with your classmates and military pals fast with this new magazine. We'll even help you find your birth parents! We may even tell you that you have money coming to you that you never knew about! Begin your search immediately and even find out if someone is looking for you!

    No. 43 YAHOO!'S PICKS OF THE WEEK Death Master File of the Social Security Administration, a database of over 50 million records. Plug your name into the SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX SEARCH You're bound not to see yourself there and we're very happy about that!:) But if you're curious or Genealogically-inclined, you'll surely find the SSDI to be quite the resource.
    To: Pam Middleton-Lee
    Subject: Genealogy Web Sites
    I was happy to see Ancestry's Social Security Death Index AND the GENNAM-L archive both listed on your topten links page. Thank you for promoting genealogy research on the internet.
    I just wanted to let you know that we are going to be adding new databases to our Social Security Death Index site, . I hope you'll bookmark our site and look at it frequently as we begin posting new FREE databases every week. We have a massive data entry/ scanning operation and we are devoting many of our resources to important family history materials at this point.
    Infobases is a software company and an investor (and managing shareholder) of Ancestry, Inc., a well-known genealogy reference publisher. This combination is a powerful one, and you'll see some great things coming out on our internet site.
    Thought you might be interested to know.
    Paul Allen CEO

    THE STATUE OF LIBERTY-ELLIS ISLAND FOUNDATION recently made its way online. The non-profit organization was founded in 1982 to raise funds "for the restoration and preservation of the Statue of Liberty andEllis Island." At the site you can read about the results of this effort, which include the island's Immigration Museum, the American Immigrant Wall of Honor, and the very cool HISTORY CENTER, WHICH, WHEN COMPLETED, WILL SERVE AS A RESOURCE FOR RESEARCHING FAMILY IMMIGRATION HISTORY. The Center will include an ELECTRONIC DATABASE of "the historic data on the 20 million immigrants who arrived through New York Harbor and Ellis Island between 1892 - 1924."

    No. 44 PLACES ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB FOR HISTORIANS AT CSUSM History, electronic texts, genealogy, european and world history, art history, military history.
    	 American History Documents 
    and Archives
    	 Latin American History Documents
     Canadian History Documents
     East Asian and Australian History Documents
     British and Irish History 
     Documents and Web Sites
     Canadian History Documents
     East Asian and Australian History Documents
     British and Irish History  Documents and Web Sites
     Canadian History Documents
     East Asian and Australian History Documents
     British and Irish History  Documents and Web Sites
     Cold War, Soviet and Related History Documents
     Eastern European History Documents and Web Sites
     Near Eastern and Levantine History Documents
     German History Web Sites
     French History Web Sites
     Iberian and Italian History Web Sites
     Ancient Mediterranean History Web Sites
     African History Documents and Web Sites
     Military History Documents 
    and Web Sites
     Natural and Scientific History Documents and Web 
     Art History Web Sites
     Genealogy Sites
     Religious Texts and Archives
     Associations of General Interest
     Historical Journals
     Online History Bibliographies 
    Places on the World Wide Web for Historians at California State University San Marcos compiled by: Ben Henick ( CSUSM . And thanks to Joan Gundersen of CSUSM, who is responsible for evaluating the content that is suggested for links to the CSUSM history hotlist. For permission for this link.
    No. 45 CIS's INVESTIGATIVE RESOURCE PAGE Private Investigator resource page on the Internet: CIS's Home Page, Alpha List of Investigators, Regional List of Investigators. Other Links:CIS's INVESTIGATIVE RESOURCES Page, CIS's 150+ Searchable Databases, CIS's Alphabetical Listing of Private Investigators, CIS's Geographical Listing of Private Investigators, Investigative Resources, Sherlock, US Legal Code, Project Find, Polly Klaas Foundation, Child Quest, Big Eye Page, Internet Sleuth, Spy Tech, DocuSearch, InterNIC, PI Home Page, US Navy Clock, Law Enforcement Sites, FBI Link, Mountain Info-Tech, Lincoln Mark VIII, Phone Book Gopher, Travel Time, ESP Mailbox Search, Detective's Springboard, RHINO, UK Legal, Purdue Reference, 50 States Legal Code, FOI Resources, Census Bureau, Indiana Sex Offenders, Newspapers, Kim Spy Link, Hunter Gatherers, Interactive Information Resource, "Finger", Military Locator, 4,000 Drugs, Peace & Security Resource, Nat. Fraud Info, P I and Det. Services, FAA Searches, TSCM, Little Black Book. Search Engine Reviews, Super Circuits, NASA Employee Locate, LookUP!, Executive Protection Service, GeoCites Map It, The Spy Dept., Micro-Video, Kentucky Vital Records, BirthQuest, Business Espionage, BRB Publications, Adoptees Page, US International, America's House Call, Integrity Center, Genealogy Links-BEST GENEALOGY LINKS ON THE WWW, Big Foot, Investigative Reporter, Time Warner Search, World Email Directory, InfoAssist, Yahoo People Search, Search America, 100 Search Engines, NALI Home Page, Rate Your Risk, Technology Locator Merchant Services, Internet DMV, Process Servers on the Net, Proximus Map It, DueDiligence, Inc., Info4 Business, Bail Enforcement Info Center, Sexual Assault Domestic Violence, Peeper.Com, Forensics Info, Atlas Information Services, 200+ Searchable Databases, Price Watch, Navy Seal Info, World Yellow Pages.
    No. 46 ARMORIAL HERITAGE FOUNDATION - HERALDRY, COAT OF ARMS, GENEALOGY SHIELDS At this site you can find specialists in European genealogy and heraldry. And find links to more Heraldry on the web
    No. 47 NETMIND FREE SERVICES HOME PAGE E-Mail Robots: The URL-Minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!. The E-Minder Free Reminder-By-Email Service, SIFT: A Usenet News Knowbot! Media Changers: Free FAX Services. Free Anonymous Remailer. Synthesizers: Graphics Generators, A text-to-speech Synthesizer, Figlet Usenet/e-mail Signature Generator & Much, Much More!
    No. 48 A BARREL OF LINKS!!Genealogy, genealogy and more genealogy. How to's, where to's and what with's of genealogy. This site contains only the finer genealogy resources with which to look up that ancestral tree. Webmaster, John Lacombe
    No. 49 SURNAMES ON A MAP U.S. Surname Distribution - Are you curious where other people with your same last name (surname) live in the United States? Interested in genealogy? Just enter any surname into the form, and you'll see a map of the US showing the distribution of people with this surname within the 50 United States. This database contains the 50,000 most common surnames in the United States.
    No. 50 INTERNET AND WWW BEGINNERS' GUIDE Big Dummy's GUIDE TO THE INTERNET - Table of Contents A guide to Cyberspace. Quick guide of writing HTML. HTML quick Reference. HTML primer. EFF's guide to the INTERNET. EARN's Guide to Network Resource Tools. Starting points for Internet Exploration.
    No. 51 LORI BUSHMAN'S GENEALOGY QUERY PAGE Search the Queries from others or Submit your own Query. Be sure to check out Lori Bushman's Main Home page too! It's GREAT.
    No. 52 ROOTS COMPUTING-The Genealogy Home Page Welcome to what we believe is the best genealogy resource on the World Wide Web. Roots Computing has extensive information here about how to research your family tree. In addition, we have links to hundreds of other genealogy-related sites on the Web. This is also the home of EASTMAN'S ONLINE GENEALOGY NEWLETTER, the leading weekly publication in genealogy. The information here is updated every few days. You will find that this site is the "focal point" of all the genealogy resources on the World Wide Web. Roots Computing is affiliated with the Genealogy Forum on CompuServe® and also the Genealogy Forum on WOW!®
    No. 53 ONLINE PIONEERS COMPUTER GENEALOGY NEWSLETTER If you can't keep up with the escalating world of computers and genealogy, Online Pioneers newsletter is for you. A newsletter geared to new and experienced users alike, filled with informative, timely articles, Online Pioneers is a one-of-a-kind publication covering both the online and offline computer genealogy community.

    Let us keep track of the many new genealogy web sites, and tell you which ones may be of interest to you in our web site reviews.

    Interested in files? We will point out where the latest Internet shareware genealogy programs and genealogical data files can be found.

    And, of course, no genealogy publication would be complete without queries. Queries are printed free of charge, whether or not you are a subscriber. You may submit as many as you like, although they are printed on a space-available basis. You may also submit a URL for review, or enter a comment in our guestbook. Subscribers may now receive the New://Web.Sites URLs via e-mail for ease of surfing.

    No. 54 ASK THE GENEALOGY LADY Submit your question or view the answers from one of the most popular sites on the Web for Genealogy!

    New Jerusalem has over 65,000 hits/week, over 5,350 unique visitors every week! over 765/day! The New Jerusalem assumes no liability for the accuracy of the answers given at this site. All answers given are copyright © 1995, 1996 by New Jerusalem, and submissions become the property of New Jerusalem.

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    No. 55 PAF-WAYS HOME PAGE Genealogy page with resources all over the world, GeneDex Section, GEN-WEB. Genealogical Societes, etc.
    No. 56 GENEALOGICAL BULLETIN BOARD A bulletin board for you to post your SURNAMES, QUERIES, RESEARCH TIPS, HOMEPAGE URLS & IMAGES! View the posts and contact others.
    No. 57 BLAIRS' BOOK SERVICE online book catalog. They offer a keyword searchable index of over 8500 books relating to genealogy.

    No. 58 GENEALOGY ONLINE A must see site!
    No. 59 WHAT'S NEW TOO!What's new on the WWW.
    No. 60 FOUR 11 WHITE PAGE DIRECTORY Internet's largest white page directory with over 3 million listings. The best way to search for someone's e-mail address or Web page. Register for Free Upgrade to expanded services. WEB PAGE SERVICES.

    No. 61 GENEALOGY BOOKMARKS This is an EXCELLENT effort from the LACY FAMILY HOMEPAGE The list is a growing bookmarked listing to various genealogy related WWW resources, sites and addresses.
    No. 62 WILLS ON THE WEB Copies of Actual Wills on The Internet, Courtesy of California Estate Planning AttorneyMark J. Welsh Here are the most frequently-accessed wills in early May 1996: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley, Doris Duke, Richard M. Nixon, Benjamin Franklin, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon. This site is a good resource for searching wills on the WWW. All the wills were found on the WWW by Mark.